he bled for us he took the pain 
he took the weight of hate and shame 
for us to win, for us to gain 
to free a world in which he came 

he bled for us, he took our sin 
A crown of thorns we placed on him 
mercy endures until the end 
all of our trust we put in him 

tales untold scales fall off your eyes 
books unfold I hear your desperate cries 
It's out with the old new man comes alive 
make me bold, in darkness I'll shine 

Lose control give it all 
Your body and soul answer the call 

Forgive your past what's done is done 
forgive yourself he gave his son 
what's in your heart is more than enough 
bare your cross he shed his blood 

faith don't need to see 
extinguish the misery 
let's set the captives free
lift up your hands in victory