phil roark

My brother and I grew up in a Christian home.  Our  parents raised us to know such an amazing and loving God and always kept us in church. Our Dad died when I was 2 years old and at times, through my whole life, it has been hard wondering what it would of been like to have had a real Dad.  But, I'm very thankful that my Mom and Stepdad raised me to know a loving Heavenly Father.

time went on, and when I got to my teenage years life seemed to get harder.  These struggles were compounded With school, other teenagers, and peer pressure.  There were times that drugs and alcohol would show up and be tempted. But from the roots that I was raised on I knew to say no.  It wasn't always physical temptations like drugs and alcohol that would show up.  Sometimes depression or feeling like I wasn't smart enough would take effect and become harder and harder until I felt hopeless And that I was a nobody.

With each passing day of all these struggles hitting me I dropped out of school. I couldn't take it anymore.  You would think that it would be a little bit better by quitting.  Instead it made me think that I am really going to be no one now and really have nothing without an education. There were times I've wanted to commit suicide because I've felt like I was a nobody.  I felt alone, I felt hopeless and thought I will never have anything because of this.

When I was 14 years old I went to go see Third Day, my first concert.  I remember looking at the drummer and watching him and I thought "I wish I was up there doing that". Then the moment got silent and they started playing "Show me Your Glory" and I remember looking around and everyone's hands were raised and praising God.  Then all of a sudden God gave me a vision.  I was up there on that stage behind the drums looking out across the auditorium watching all these people praising and worshiping God. Then I went back to myself in the audience and I knew that this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to lead people in worship through Music. 

I remember telling God "this is what I want to do for you".  Ever since that moment God has put a dream in my heart to become a musician for the Lord.  And through all of this, the pain and troubles that I went through, the thoughts of having nothing or being anything, God had better plans.  He had a better future for my life. 

As of right now I'm married, I have a nice house, nice cars, and a good job. I have food, and clothes on my back.  God has done so much and blessed me more than I could ever ask for. And for my dream that God put in my heart?  I still live it every single day. God has done so much through me as a musician.  I've written songs, I've sung, and played the guitar in church.  I have gotten to play in a few bands and play and meet a lot of people at different churches. He has made me a better drummer than I ever thought I would be. 

Its because of God that I have these gifts and talents.