Give me the mic, let me set the stage 
Where’s a world that ceases to pray 
Did we become so disengaged? 
Caring only about our Face book page 

Selfish with selfies, and posting pics 
Our lives online, our digital fix 
While we forget, the least of these 
It’s time to repent get down on your knees 

Man on a corner, a sign in his hand 
Down on his luck, his kids in a van 
Homeless and hopeless, life on the street 
It’s on the corner we meet the need 

Were living idle, count the cost 
It’s suicidal, what’s your cause? 
Mans survival, free the lost 
Kill your idols, carry your cross. 

You’re not alone take a look around. 
People are dying all over this town. 
The painful the hurting, addicted, and bound 
Their silent screams do make a sound 

I recommend we put out our hand 
Start loving the heart of our fellow man 
Break out of chains and free the slaves 
Or swallowed by death and defeated by graves 

Feed the hungry, help the hurting 
By loving people, not deserting 
Open your heart, I pray for thee 
It’s time to help the least of these 

We’re living Idle, count the cost 
Its suicidal, what’s your cause 
Mans survival, free the lost 
Kill your idols, carry your cross 

They’re free at last x4 …..Help the least of these x4